• Genuine Pini Kay Hardwood Heat Logs
  • Hot and Long Lasting 
  • Made only with OAK & BEECH sawdust with a beautiful aroma
  • Ignite very quickly and burn longer with a beautiful bright flame
  • Suitable for use in fireplaces, multi fuel stoves and log stoves.
  • The hole in the centre increases air flow helping them to light quicker
  • Use with Kindling or Firelighters to start the fire
  • Produce a really high heat output
  • The ONLY heat logs on the market that we are aware of that have been tested by TWO independent institutions

Pini Kay Hardwood Heat Logs

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£8.00Sale Price
  • Each briquette measures approximately 65mm Wide 195mm in length so perfect for all stove sizes.

    Hole in the centre which creates additional airflow and ensures the briquettes burn both inside and outside.

    There are 12 briquettes = 10kg  (PLEASE NOTE THEY ARE WRAPPED IN INDIVIDUAL PLASTIC BAGS). They are very clean and easy to handle.  Each pack of 12 logs is wrapped with a binder tape.

    Heat Logs should be kept in a warm dry environment and not left outside

  • Tested by SGS in Europe, an internationally acclaimed testing company, and they state that the energy produced is 18 MJ/kg - 18.02 mega joules of energy. We are quite satisfied that our Heat Logs will last longer than other heat logs on the market which are made of softwood - there is a big difference in the length of burn between hardwood and softwood.

    PLUS these Heat Logs have also been tested by Eurofins, Umwelt OST GMH, Nlederlassung, Frelberg, Germany with heat output of 18.74 mega joules of energy.